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instrument care

Clean the flute every time you play it!

The flute collects condensation during practice. The moisture can cause damage if it is not dried after each playing session. I recommend either the flute wand or the helix wand.

Each flute comes with a cleaning rod that can be used with a cleaning swab rather than the wands. 

*Pads will become sticky if the player is eating or drinking right before playing!

The outside of the flute is just as important to care for as the inside. The natural oils on our skin can cause wear to the flute over time. Using a simple polishing cloth will keep the flute healthy and shiny!

*The silkweave or microfibre are the best choices. 


Local Repairs

effective practice

Create a dedicated practice space

Practice is hard enough without lots of external distractions! It is ideal to have a designated practice space. There are a couple items that can make a huge difference for a student's focus and success. 


First, a music stand. This may seem obvious, but I suggest getting a high-quality stand to plant in your space rather than one of the foldable metal stands. Something like this is ideal!


Second, a metronome and tuner. Although these can be found in app form, it is much more effective to have them disconnected from the distraction of electronics. Although they can be bought separately, this metronome/tuner combo is going to be the best quality. I still have the same one I got when I was only 12!

method books

Each student works in whatever book is the best fit for them!

There are several different  books I use with my students. I choose which books we will use based on the background of the student and whatever one will be the best fit. Here are links so you can easily find the books we are using!

Rubank Book Series:

Elementary Method

Intermediate Method

Advanced Method

Patricia George Method Series:

Flute 101

Flute 102

Flute 103

Basic Scales:

The Scale Page - send a request to James Brinkmann to purchase

Theaker - Complete Scales

Advanced Scales:

Flute Aerobics

Reichert Seven Daily Exercises

Taffanel & Gaubert

Etude Books:

Gariboldi - Easy Etudes, book 1

Melodious & Progressive Studies, book 1

Andersen Etudes


Filas - Top Register Studies

Trevor Wye - Articulation

Moyse - De La Sonorite

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