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why lessons?


Sometimes practicing feels like running in place. Whether it is lack of inspiration or playing music you just aren't that interested in, weekly lessons can help! In my studio, I will equip you with music you will love and exercises that give you a sense of accomplishment as you hear your improvement. With a new sense of motivation, practice can be the time you look forward to each day. I know that everyone has their own unique learning process, so let's work together to find the best way for you to accomplish your goals!

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teaching philosophy

learning is lifelong

I have been fortunate to have four teachers model for me the most important aspects of teaching. Each one met me where I was in my maturity as a person and musician. They embodied what it meant to have the trust of their students and the understanding that the learning process is lifelong. I hope that I can follow their lead in a new generation of teachers fostering the new generation of students.


Musical learning cannot be summed up in a checklist or a single end goal. It is only natural to become frustrated when practicing feels like running in place. Out of that frustration has emerged in me a passion to build a safe and encouraging environment for my students; to provide a relationship that allows students to ask questions and share doubt and a studio community that builds one another up in confidence. It is my hope that my students can become competent flutists, and that their musical experience builds up their self-worth and that they will feel known by myself and their peers.  

Each student is unique. I hope to provide them with a safe environment suitable to their learning process. I will be open for communication about each student’s experience and ways that I can improve as well. The wellbeing of the student is priority. Each will learn at their own pace and in their own way; it is my job to provide them with what they need in order to succeed. 


Most importantly, I expect my students to take control of their own learning when they leave each lesson. I expect them to be active in their own development - to ask questions, communicate their frustrations, and engage in the process. The only way to see success from private lessons is to be dedicated and give 100%, just as I will always give my best effort as their teacher.

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