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why lessons?

Lessons are about building confidence! Playing in band can be fast-paced and

intimidating, but lessons can get you caught up and keep you prepared. I make sure my

students leave with the assurance that they are supported and their musical growth is priority. 


Sometimes practicing feels like running in place. Whether it is lack of inspiration or playing music you just aren't that interested in, weekly lessons can help! In my studio, I will equip you with music you will love and exercises that give you a sense of accomplishment as you hear your improvement. With a new sense of motivation, practice can be the time you look forward to each day. I know that everyone has their own unique learning process, so let's work together to find the best way for you to accomplish your goals!

first lesson is free! contact me for scheduling and details

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studio testimonials 

​"Hannah is fantastic! She is encouraging and kind in her instruction, well organized, and my daughter has advanced quickly since she began lessons. She has an adorable studio and my daughter is really enjoying her lessons."
- Traci, parent
"Hannah always has a way to make the lesson more fun and is so easy to learn from because she explains things so well and so so kindly."
- Eva, student
"Miss Hannah is a really great teacher. She pushes me but in a way that I still feel good about myself and my progess. I love that she will play along with me on her flute to guide me on challenging pieces."
- Ava, student
"Hannah is such a positive and supportive instructor. She is exactly what a teacher should be - celebrating students successes and reframing challenges as opportunities for growth. She emphasizes the joy of playing first, and as someone who was reared within a competitive and strict music education environment I truly appreciate this. Hannah is helping me to rediscover my love for music and the flute, without the anxiety that was drilled into me for so many years."
- Christine, student
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